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Understanding the technical needs of energy, environmental, and climate justice groups across the US

re-Engineered is building a framework and platform for engineers and scientists to work collaboratively to address the technical needs (research, design, development, etc.) of community groups organized around environmental, energy, and climate issues across the US.  

Through our work, we will 

  1. understand and assess community groups' engineering and science needs through surveys and interviews, and we will share results; 

    • For more information about this portion of this project, see the frequently asked questions below.

  2. promote research, development, and action; constantly gather projects; help other engineers and scientists find projects they can work on; and keep interested stakeholders up to speed on progress and share what we learn individually and collectively through an online knowledge and information sharing platform; and

  3. also share our results through white papers, reports, and academic papers to mobilize stakeholders of interest, which include community groups, engineers and scientists, philanthropic organizations, professional societies, and federal agencies.


Our work will 

  • build solidarity around common issues and build the technical capacity of community groups, 

  • increase the collaborative capacity between community groups and technical workers, 

  • create a repository of problems that need addressing, the status of ongoing projects, and the transferability of the outcomes of those problems addressed,

  • reduce barriers to entry for engineers and scientists to do community-based work, and 

  • provide guidance to federal agencies on promoting justice-focused policies and programs.


If you are interested in participating in this research, or have any thoughts to share whatsoever, please do not hesitate to reach out to Anthony Levenda ( or Darshan Karwat (

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