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Project Confluence

Survey Outline

This survey is designed to help us answer one main research question: “What technical tools, scientific and engineering research, and development could serve the needs of environmental, energy, and climate justice community groups in the US?” We are hoping to engage more engineers and scientists with community-based justice work, and we want to ensure we are doing this in a way that is beneficial to community groups.

The survey outline is provided below, with questions in the order they will appear in the survey. The type of question is also described, either as an open ended text response or a multiple choice question. If you would like to learn more about this survey, or you think your group would benefit from taking this survey, please contact us!

Background Information


1.) What is the full name of your organization?

2.) What is your role in the organization? 


3.) Where does your group work? 


4.) Describe the people your group works with.


5.) How many paid staff does your group have?


6.) How many volunteers does your group have? 



Issues and areas of concern


7.) What are the main issue areas your group focuses on?

(Ex: Public Health, Community Development, Energy, Pollution)


8.) What approach or strategy does your group use to address the issue areas your group focuses on? 

          (Ex: Direct Action, Policy Advocacy, Community Organizing, Technical/Scientific Analysis​)


9.) What are some of your group’s main goals with regard to these issue areas?


10.) What are some of the main barriers to achieving your group’s goals?

Technical tool development, and scientific and engineering work

11.) Does your group use technical tools in its work? 

12.) What kinds of technical experts have you worked with and how did you connect with them? 

13.) How did these experts help your group?

14.) What challenges do you have interacting with experts?

15.) Do you have any challenges that could be solved by having access to a technical expert? 

Broader Impacts


16.) Over the next two or three years, what scientific or technical things could help you in your work? 


17.) What do you think would help other groups, potentially working in other issue areas?


18.) How do you measure progress towards justice? What outcomes are important to your group?

19.) Are there other groups you think we should contact for their response to this survey?


20.) Would you like your survey responses to be kept confidential?

21.) Can we add you to our email list?


22.) Can we connect you with an engineer or scientist that may be able to help your group?


 *This data is only used for processing payment information. 

23.) Are you a US Citizen, permanent resident of the US, or resident alien of the US?


24.) What is your full name? 

25.) What is the address to which you would like a check delivered for you? 

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